Plans and expectations

Archie Oliver began chapter 17 of his adaptation Tales of Robinhood:

When news of the wedding incident got about Nottingham Town, the Sheriff knew he had once again been made to look like a fool by Robin and his Merry Men. Ever since he had been robbed of three hundred pounds for his supper in Sherwood Forest, he had banned any mention of Robin Hood's name in his presence. Yet he knew the townsfolk whispered about Robin.
Now he was unsure what to do about the great Nottingham Fair that was normally held every year. An archery contest was always the main attraction. Archers from across the whole country would come to show off their skills.
The Sheriff well remembered how Robin had come in disguise and won the last great archery tournament. But then he realized people might think he was scared of Robin Hood. What he decided to do was to hold the event, but offer an archery prize so valueless that Robin couldn't be bothered to come.

Write a story which begins with a character who makes a plan which comes undone when another character does not act how the first character hoped they would.

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